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Lava Shell Treatments

Lava shells are the worlds first self heating tool. A petented natural bio-degradable heat technology is incorporated into the shell, which then emits heat for over an hour, allowing therapists to provide a continuous and seamless body massage.

  • £40.00 LAVA MAMA RELAX- Back massage
    a wonderfully soothing back massage with the worlds first heated massage tool. designed for expectant mums. Clients must be over 14 weeks    
  • £40.00 Lava shell back massage
    A warming massage to target areas of tension.
  • £65.00 Lava Shell full body massage
    a top to toe massage using the Lava shells to deliver a warming and soothing experince.  
  • £65.00 Lava Shell Wellness Massage
    Wellness for cancer The Lava shell Wellness massage is based on the traditional lava shell massage but has been specially adapted to include moderate heat and cooling shells. We are one of the first spa's to launch this treatment for those...
  • £69.00 LAVA MAMA RESCUE- full body massage
    a wonderfully soothing full body massage designed for expectant mums, using the worlds first sefl heating massage tool. Clients must be over 14 weeks.   £69.

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